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  • Factory Identification & Matching Services in China & Taiwan to meet your specific needs
  • Prototype Design, Prototype Development & Manufacturing Services, including CAD Design
  • Custom Manufacturing and Bulk Sourcing of any Durable Goods & Electronics from China & Taiwan
  • On-site Factory Verification, Inspection & Quality Control Services
  • Negotiation Services of Pricing & Trade Terms in Chinese on your behalf
  • Communication Services - we communicate every detail of your requirements in Chinese
  • Custom Packaging / Labeling Services - prevents transit damages
  • Shipping Logistics Optimization Services - lowers your overall shipping costs from China
  • Escrow Services - we only pay the factory after satisfactory quality control
  • Supply Chain Management Services in China & Taiwan
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Contract Manufacturer | Quality Control | Factory Inspections | China Supply Chain Management | Shipping Logistics | Manufacturing Agency | Sourcing Agent

TRASIAN Manufacturing Ltd is a world-class contract manufacturing & sourcing agency located and incorporated in both the USA and China to provide peace of mind to our clientele worldwide. We offer prototyping and manufacturing services in China & Taiwan, with an emphasis on Invention Manufacturing, including CAD design, prototype engineering, custom manufacturing, quality control, shipping logistics, supply chain management and procurement services.

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