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  • Factory Identification & Matching Services in China & Taiwan to meet your specific needs
  • Prototype Design, Prototype Development & Manufacturing Services, including CAD Design
  • Custom Manufacturing and Bulk Sourcing of any Durable Goods & Electronics from China & Taiwan
  • On-site Factory Verification, Inspection & Quality Control Services
  • Negotiation Services of Pricing & Trade Terms in Chinese on your behalf
  • Communication Services - we communicate every detail of your requirements in Chinese
  • Custom Packaging / Labeling Services - prevents transit damages
  • Shipping Logistics Optimization Services - lowers your overall shipping costs from China
  • Escrow Services - we only pay the factory after satisfactory quality control
  • Supply Chain Management Services in China & Taiwan
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TRASIAN Manufacturing Ltd is a world-class contract manufacturing & sourcing agency offering prototyping and manufacturing services in China & Taiwan. We offer custom manufacturing, prototyping, procurement, and supply chain management services. We are incorporated in the USA and China to provide peace of mind to our clientele worldwide. We specialize in Invention Manufacturing:

Durable goods, Custom Tablet PC & Smart Phone Solutions, and Custom Mobile Accessories