"Frequently Asked Questions" 
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What is an NDA?

NDA is an acronym and stands for "Non Disclosure Agreement". Often times, the nature of our business requires our prospects to divulge sensitve information that constitutes "intellectual property" and should not be divulged without signing an NDA first. Signing an NDA is a contract between your legal entity (ie. company) and our company that is designed to protect you by preventing us from sharing with others the details of the information you disclose. Once that NDA has been signed electronically you will be legally protected, which will allow us to freely discuss your project needs and product details. 

Why do you offer free initial consultations?

An initial consultation is not only needed to determine if we are a good match but also to understand the complexity of your product development, sourcing, or manufacturing project. Based on the information exchanged during our initial consultation via phone or video conferencing, our project management team will be able to quote you a project management fee, which by the way, is fully refundable upon bulk manufacturing*. 

What is your typical process?

STEP 1 (free) - When someone requests a quote we usually encourage our prospects to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to protect the intellectual property rights of all parties involved, especially for unique & patent pending inventions.

STEP 2 (free) - We then ask you to setup a time for a video conference via Skype or alternate method for an introduction. We like to visually see who we are talking to in order to establish a solid working relationship. Based on our initial conversation, we will ask you to send us a detailed description & specifications (drawings, pictures, videos & website links) of the product(s) you wish to prototype, produce and/or simply source, including the respective quantities.

STEP 3 (free) - After review of the information you provided, we will typically setup a second follow up call to verbally discuss any final questions regarding your project(s) and associated requirements. Discussion topics may include timelines, destinations, private labeling (ODM/OEM), custom packaging and all other details needed to ensure that there is no misunderstanding about your specific needs. You will of course be given the opportunity to submit any additional questions as well.
STEP 4 (free) - If we deem that we are a good match, we will issue a free "Project Proposal Quote" within 24 to 48 hours detailing individual Phases (Steps) required to successfully accomplish your requirements. We are proud of the fact that we are unique in offering FULLY REFUNDABLE PROJECT FEES upon bulk manufacturing*, but more importantly, our project fees are only payable in phases and not all upfront (more details will be provided in your individualized quote).
STEP 5 (fee is due) - Getting to Step 5 means that you have decided to partner with us, which means you have agreed to pay the consulting fee quoted for the service(s) you require. Upon payment, our experts will engage our local resources to match up your specific needs with the most suitable factories, capable of meeting and exceeding your specifications. To avoid any miscommunication, we will always discuss your specific requirements with prospective manufacturers or engineering teams in their native language (most often Chinese).

STEP 6 (already paid for) - After our research is concluded (typically one to two weeks to complete), we will send you a detailed report including contact information of the factory (sometimes factories) we recommend or actual quote(s), depending on the service(s) selected. If it is a quote it will include: MOQs (Minimum Order Quantity), Unit Pricing, Production Time Lines, CAD Design and Prototyping Fees, Mold Fees, Time Frames for both Prototyping and Production Runs, Custom Packaging and ODM options, etc…

STEP 7 (fee is due) - This step takes us to next phase of your project, whether is is Prototyping or Bulk Manufacturing.
- For prototyping, this phase will require payment of our prototyping project management fee, potential CAD/CAM design fees, and potential mold and prototyping fees assessed by the manufacturer.
- For sourcing or bulk manufacturing, our service fees will be integrated into the product price we quoted you, which includes us managing and assessing the quality of the manufacturing process on-site before, during and after manufacturing occurs. We hereby ensure that the raw materials being used for your production are indeed brand new (we often see factories trying to cut corners and reuse old material), and at the same time we also ensure a timely start of production. Not to mention ensuring the quality of the final product via our customized 2nd step quality control verification process.

STEP 8 (shipping fee due) - We will ship out your prototype or production run, either via air freight or ocean freight. For production runs, we will optimize every aspect of your shipping logistics to lower your shipping costs as much as possible. This includes selecting optimal box sizes to qualify for the lowest shipping rates (especially important when using air freight). We also ensure that shipping boxes, crates and containers are sturdy enough to prevent shipping damages.

CONCLUSION:  This is only a brief overview of the most common services we offer. Most of our customers require some form of individualized service which we always incorporate into our free project management quote. As you can see, TRASIAN Manufacturing Ltd offers value-added services that lower production costs but more importantly are designed to prevent dishonest factory behavior, unexpected production and shipping delays, but more importantly production quality inconsistencies. Let us know how we can help you!  

What Services do you offer?

Contract Manufacturing (OEM, Private Labeling)
Custom Manufacturing
Packaging Design
Custom Package Manufacturing

Conceptual Product Design
3D CAD Design
PCB Design
3D Printing
Rapid Prototyping
Prototype Engineering
Mold Manufacturing
Prototype Manufacturing

Payment upon satisfactory on-site quality control

Factory Identification
Factory Matching
Factory Verification (on-site visit)
Factory Selection
Communication in Chinese on your behalf
Price Negotiations in Chinese
Supply Chain Management

On-site Factory Inspections in China/Taiwan
On-site Quality Control (QC)
Custom Product Packaging
Custom Labeling
Shipping Cost Optimization
Worldwide Door-to-Door Shipping Logistics

Top 10 Reasons to work with TRASIAN Manufacturing Ltd

Finding the best suited factory for your manufacturing or product design project can be a painful and even a mind boggling experience. You hear a lot of horror stories from outsiders who have tried to source and manufacture products on their own from a remote location, and with good reason. Reality is that there is a huge difference on how business is conducted in various parts of the world, what’s considered ethical or unethical, the role of government and the overall business environment. Not to mention, geographical, time, language, and cultural barriers compound the difficulties.

By having local offices and understanding these differences and being familiar with the manufacturing environment in China, Taiwan, and the United States, TRASIAN Manufacturing Ltd is able to greatly reduce and prevent potential conflicts and problems, especially quality consistency related problems. Here is a list of the TOP 10 reasons you should seriously consider working with TRASIAN Manufacturing Ltd:

1. Problem: Fake Factories
Websites like Alibaba.com allow you to find Asian factories online. There are major issues with this approach: 1) You never know if the factories listed are real since many of them are not actual factories but instead trading companies with higher markups. 2) The factories listed on sites like Alibaba may be fake all together. We have heard many horror stories from purchasing managers who sent down-payments to factories they found online just to find out that they closed their accounts shortly after receiving down-payments, never to be heard from again. This really happens!

Working with TRASIAN alleviates those issues; we always verify in person that the factories we deal with are well-established and reputable, large enough for your production needs, and that they are not trading companies. 

2. Problem: Limited Choice
There are thousands of factories in Asia, and most of them do not advertise their existence online. Typically only larger factories list their services and products online and those factories are typically much busier and more expensive, meaning they cannot give you the proper attention you deserve or may not even take on your project at all, unless you order a high MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity).

TRASIAN’s expertise and advanced local resources enables us to identify factories in your specific product segment that are most suitable for your particular needs and quality requirements. Our customers worldwide have come to appreciate TRASIAN’s ability to improve on existing quotes and to ensure that those factories represent the optimal choice from a quality/cost point of view. If they don’t, TRASIAN is your best resource to find the most suitable factories for you needs.

3. Problem: Communication Issues
Even today, Asian manufacturers rarely understand English well enough to fully grasp your particular needs. Most of our customers have at one point or another received shipments that didn’t meet the requirements they thought had been communicated properly to the factory. Language barriers between Asia and the rest of the world have caused purchasing managers tons of headaches and monetary losses over the years because they don’t speak the local language. This is especially true when customizing products.

TRASIAN’s mission is to guarantee that your specific needs and requirements are properly communicated to factory owners to ensure that you will never encounter bad shipments.

4. Problem: Disadvantage as a Foreigner
When you call Asia as a foreigner, you are immediately at a disadvantage when negotiating pricing at the manufacturing level. Asians perceive Westerners to be wealthy and they will attempt to charge you as much as possible for your production needs.

By letting TRASIAN represent your best interests, we will negotiate on your behalf in the local languages to ensure the best possible production quotes, which we will extend onto you. Even though we charge a margin for our services, the final prices we quote to our customers are usually lower than what they were able to negotiate on their own.

5. Problem: Quality Issues
Cheaper production has been historically associated with low quality production. The perception that Asian manufacturers produce low-quality products remains the biggest problem we have to overcome. In reality, Asian manufacturers produce some of the best quality products, just think of the Apple iPhone for example. However, there are still too many factories in Asia who do not produce high quality products and purchasing managers fall victim to those low standards.

TRASIAN achieves expected quality levels by only selecting well established factories and implementing our proven quality control procedures. Our customers rely on our multi-lingual staff to assist them in properly communicating and custom producing to their exact specifications and expectations. In order to do so, it is crucial to have a local presence year-round and to send TRASIAN employees to the factories when production runs start and finish. Please read the "How do you work? What is your typical Process?" section of this FAQs page for details.

6. Problem: Priority Issues
When you order from an Asian factory it is not uncommon for your order to be sidelined in favor of someone else’s “larger order”, resulting in late shipments and deliveries.

As mentioned above, we always send TRASIAN employees to the factory floor when we receive your order to ensure that production delays are avoided and more importantly to compare the production samples with the original samples you approved. Factory owners are much more responsive to our needs when they see that we are onsite and committed towards our customer’s best interests.

7. Problem: Shipping Overcharges
It is not uncommon for Asian factories to quote you unusually low production prices in order to win your business over competitive factories. However, when it comes to shipping your order they will mark up shipping costs dramatically to make up the difference.

TRASIAN looks out for your best interest always! We never charge our customers more than actual shipping costs and we are willing to substantiate our claim with actual shipping documents and original quotes. Some of our customers have experienced over 100% savings in shipping costs when using TRASIAN.

8. Problem: Failed Shipping Logistics
Even if everything went well during production, purchasing managers experience failed shipments when goods arrive damaged. This can be the result of flimsy boxes, inadequate packaging, or using inexperienced shipping companies. Not to mention inadequate labeling and skidding problems. Even if you can get insurance to pay for it, you are still missing sellable merchandise, hence you are losing money while the products are being remade.

Our experience shipping worldwide has served us well to handle all your shipping logistics and ensure safe deliveries of your products, if desired, all the way to you door step. We always strive to find cheaper rates from reputable carriers for our customers. Our shipping experts will gladly advise you about best shipping practices and import/export procedures. We do all the work for you!

9. Problem: Lack of Recourse
What happens when a quality issue arises that could not have been tested for during our stringent quality control procedures (for example: quality issues arising from continuous product usage over time). The factory has been paid and your products are already on retail shelves. If you work with Asian manufacturers from a remote location, there is a high probability that the manufacturer will refuse to remake the defective products. Be aware that most Asian countries have not yet implemented a reliable and “fair” legal system that we are used to in the Western Hemisphere. Factories are often willing to walk away from future business with you rather than having to pay for replacements that are defective.

TRASIAN’s local presence and established relationships with many factories dramatically improves conflict resolutions. Since we order on a regular basis from them for multiple customers, the factory owners take us more seriously in an attempt to keep us satisfied. We stand behind the products we manufacture and are known for our 100% customer satisfaction track record. We work for you and represent your interests, always.

10. Problem: Loss of Intellectual Property
Inventors approach us on a regular bases with their requirements to manufacture their inventions at the lowest possible cost in Asia. Their main concern relates to the potential loss of their intellectual property, fearing that Asian manufacturers will copy their ideas and propagate their product worldwide with impunity.

TRASIAN has developed a method to ensure that this doesn’t happen by separating an invention into its individual components and assigning each component to different manufacturers that do not know each other. We then assemble and package the final product in-house, at our warehouse, for final QC and shipment. This way we greatly diminish the risk of losing control over our customer’s intellectual property.

Who should work with TRASIAN Manufacturing Ltd?

TRASIAN Manufacturing is a perfect match if you are seeking…

- a reliable, yet affordable, product development partner located in China, Taiwan or the United States
- low cost, yet quality, prototype manufacturing (or rapid prototyping)
- help identifying the best suited “Best Fit” manufacturer for your specific needs in Asia or USA
- assistance in custom designing a product or invention, including custom packaging
- to avoid any details from being lost in translation during negotiations
- to achieve 100% product quality conformity & consistency
- assistance with on-site quality assurance (customized 2nd level Quality Control /QC)
- to ensure that production raw material and components used are indeed brand new and not recycled 
- reliable product testing or certifications (for example CPSIA conformity testing)
- adherence verification of IEEE Manufacturing Standards
- to avoid the risk of sending money directly to unknown entities in China, Taiwan or USA
- a supply chain management partner in China, Taiwan, or USA
- efficiency surrounding bulk sourcing projects
- to lower your shipping costs
- to eliminate risks associated to doing business with geographically remote entities
- to avoid time consuming and costly trips back and forth to your manufacturing resources  

What differentiates you from other contract manufacturers?

We differentiate ourselves from our competition by...

- offering fully refundable project fees*
- being incorporated in both the United States and China to protect your legal rights internationally 
- unparalleled technical knowledge
- offering multi-lingual service in English, French, German, Portuguese and Chinese

*10% refund per MOQ ordered, until fully refunded. For example if the manufacturer dictated MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is 100 pieces your project fees will be fully refunded upon reaching an order quantity of 1000 pieces. 

What products do you specialize in?

Our expertise spans a vast array of sourcing, prototyping, and manufacturing processes focused on all types of durable goods, spanning...

- consumer products
- industrial products
- inventions (brand new product development requiring custom design & prototyping from scratch)
- existing product improvement projects

including (but not exclusively)...

- electronics (consumer & industrial electronics, custom PCB, tablet pc, lcd screens, storage,  ...) 
- telecommunication (cell phones, PBX, mobile accessories, fiberoptics, routers, repeaters, towers, ...)
- software (custom software design & installation services)
- electrical equipment (batteries, wire, generators, ...)
- environmental products (solar panels, wind turbines, inverters, ...)
- tools (power tools, cordless tools, hand tools, tool sets, ...)
- furniture (custom furniture, beds, sofas, office desk, chairs, ...)
- lights & lighting (led lights, light fixtures, flashlights, street lights, christmas lights, ...)
- toys & hobbies (drones, rc helicopters, dolls, ...)
- automotive & motorcycle products (parts, gps, tires, atv, motorcycles, scooters, ...)  
- construction material (hardware, marble & granite, flooring, windows, doors, drywall, paint, ...)
- beauty & personal care products (fitness equipment, watches, hair bands, wigs, ...)
- medical equipment (health care supplies, dental & clinical equipment, lab supplies, ...) 
- industrial equipment (engines, air compressors, welding equipment, ...)
- manufacturing equipment (assembly line equipment, conveyor belt, robotics, ...)  
- machinery (farming tractors, lawn tractors, cranes, escavators, loaders, mixers, ...)
- hospitality industry equipment (restaurant & hotel equipment & consumables, ...) 
- printing equipment & media (large format printers, CISS, print paper, ink, ...) 
- office & school supplies (paper, calculators, pens, backpacks, ...)
- home & garden products (lawn furniture, tableware, storage boxes, appliances, play grounds, ...)
- decoration (home decor, sculptures, artificial plants & trees, fountains, crafts, planters, vases, ...)   
- travel equipment (luggage, bags, backpacks, tents, ...)
- sports & leisure equipment (bicycles, kayaks, inflatables, exercise equipment, balls, helmets, ...)
- health products (exercise equipment, sex products, ...)
- eyewear (glass frames, sunglasses, fashion glasses,  ...)
- leather products (handbags, belts, wallets, jackets, attache case, cell phone case, ...) 
- security & protection solutions (security gates, access control card,  alcohol tester,  cctv camera, ...)
- amusement products (VR, arcade machines, pinball, slot machines, poker tables, dart board, ...)
- water sports (boats, inflatables, diving equipment, paddle boards, swimming goggles, ...)  
- advertising equipment ( LED panels, kiosks, advertiding screens, ...)   
- rubber & plastics products (plastic sheets, medical plastics, gloves, acrylic sheets, ...)
- steel & aluminum products (roofing sheets, coils, walls, steel bar, tubes, ...) 
- wood (mdf melamine sheets (bulk), plywood sheets (bulk), wooden frames, ...)  
- packaging (containers, platic bags, paper bags, cases, boxes, ...)
- promotional products (gifts & crafts - hats, bottles, t-shirts, keychains, ...)
- excess inventory (depends on availability)

We do not offer...
- commodities (oil, steel, sugar, gasoline, raw chemicals, etc...)
- textiles (apparel)
- agricultural products
- jewelry
- recycled goods
Contact us if your product is not listed, we will try to accomodate your needs.