Common product categories our customers have requested our assistance with.
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Our expertise spans a vast array of sourcing, prototyping, and manufacturing processes focused on all types of durable goods, spanning...

- consumer products
- industrial products
- inventions (brand new product development requiring custom design & prototyping from scratch)
- existing product improvement projects

including (but not exclusively)...

- electronics (consumer & industrial electronics, custom PCB, tablet pc, lcd screens, storage, ...)
- telecommunication (cell phones, PBX, mobile accessories, fiberoptics, routers, repeaters, towers, ...)
- software (custom software design & installation services)
- electrical equipment (batteries, wire, generators, ...)
- environmental products (solar panels, wind turbines, inverters, ...)
- tools (power tools, cordless tools, hand tools, tool sets, ...)
- furniture (custom furniture, beds, sofas, office desk, chairs, ...)
- lights & lighting (led lights, light fixtures, flashlights, street lights, christmas lights, ...)
- toys & hobbies (drones, rc helicopters, dolls, ...)
- automotive & motorcycle products (parts, gps, tires, atv, motorcycles, scooters, ...)
- construction material (hardware, marble & granite, flooring, windows, doors, drywall, paint, ...)
- beauty & personal care products (fitness equipment, watches, hair bands, wigs, ...)
- medical equipment (health care supplies, dental & clinical equipment, lab supplies, ...)
- industrial equipment (engines, air compressors, welding equipment, ...)
- manufacturing equipment (assembly line equipment, conveyor belt, robotics, ...)
- machinery (farming tractors, lawn tractors, cranes, escavators, loaders, mixers, ...)
- hospitality industry equipment (restaurant & hotel equipment & consumables, ...)
- printing equipment & media (large format printers, CISS, print paper, ink, ...)
- office & school supplies (paper, calculators, pens, backpacks, ...)
- home & garden products (lawn furniture, tableware, storage boxes, appliances, play grounds, ...)
- decoration (home decor, sculptures, artificial plants & trees, fountains, crafts, planters, vases, ...)
- travel equipment (luggage, bags, backpacks, tents, ...)
- sports & leisure equipment (bicycles, kayaks, inflatables, exercise equipment, balls, helmets, ...)
- health products (exercise equipment, sex products, ...)
- eyewear (glass frames, sunglasses, fashion glasses, ...)
- leather products (handbags, belts, wallets, jackets, attache case, cell phone case, ...)
- security & protection solutions (security gates, access control card, alcohol tester, cctv camera, ...)
- amusement products (VR, arcade machines, pinball, slot machines, poker tables, dart board, ...)
- water sports (boats, inflatables, diving equipment, paddle boards, swimming goggles, ...)
- advertising equipment ( LED panels, kiosks, advertiding screens, ...)
- rubber & plastics products (plastic sheets, medical plastics, gloves, acrylic sheets, ...)
- steel & aluminum products (roofing sheets, coils, walls, steel bar, tubes, ...)
- wood (mdf melamine sheets (bulk), plywood sheets (bulk), wooden frames, ...)
- packaging (containers, platic bags, paper bags, cases, boxes, ...)
- promotional products (gifts & crafts - hats, bottles, t-shirts, keychains, ...)
- excess inventory (depends on availability)

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We do not offer...
- commodities (oil, steel, sugar, gasoline, raw chemicals, etc...)
- textiles (apparel)
- agricultural products
- jewelry
- recycled goods

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