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Factory Matching


Identifying the best suited, most reliable, and cost-efficient factory and engineering team is crucial to guarantee the success of your product development and manufacturing project. On your own, this task can be extremely challenging if you are only relying on internet based resources. We offer access to our vast manufacturing network and expertise which cannot be accessed online! With over 50 years of combined local sourcing experience, our team of experts will help you identify engineering teams and manufacturers in China, Taiwan, or the United States who are...

best suited

most reliable

most cost efficient



Identifying the best suited factory or engineers is only the first step. Negotiating the best possible product development and manufacturing prices is just as important! Our experts will use our extensive local knowledge and language skills to ACCURATELY communicate your specific needs in terms of quality and functionality. When we are confident that we have negotiated the best prices for you, we will send you a highly detailed and accurate quotes after...

communicating your needs accurately in the local language

assessing the factory's capabilities in person

negotiating best possible pricing



Prototype design and manufacturing is much cheaper in Asia but also more challenging due to obvious language barriers. In general, product engineers in Asia do not speak fluent English, which is why our experts will ensure that... 

technical details are communicated accurately

the desired quality level is achieved

promised time lines are maintained

Manufacturing & Quality Control


When you place bulk manufacturing orders through TRASIAN Manufacturing Ltd we go above and beyond the standard quality control performed by factories, which is usually not enough to guarantee that your expectations are met. We offer additional, customized, second-tier quality control services, based entirely on your guidelines. This ensures that...

production material and components are brand new 

production quality is consistent

packaging quality matches or exceeds expectations

your product return rate is minimized



Custom designed packaging based on your needs

Shipping container optimized packaging 



Lowering shipping costs is a crucial step to increase your competitiveness. Factories typically receive kickbacks from shipping companies if they organize your shipping. Our team of experts will save you money by eliminate this loophole while optimizing all aspects of your shipping logistics. We guarantee...    



Optimized Logistics



Satisfaction Guarantee